Do you experience stress? Do you experience chaos? Are you looking for the right balance? Are you afraid of a burn out? These are the consequences of the new world! Do you feel it too? YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE!
Various studies, NEA* (2020) and ZEA** (2021), show the following facts;
  • 37% of all employees believe that measures are needed against work stress;
  • 1.2 million employees in the Netherlands suffer from burnout complaints, which amounts to 16%;
  • 34% of employees cite work pressure or work stress as the reason for absenteeism;
  • 41% of employees experience low autonomy;
  • 34% of employees experience high job demands;
  • 89 thousand self-employed people in the Netherlands suffer from burn out complaints. This amount is 9% of all self-employees in the Netherlands.

Bench + Dumbells 2,5kg | 2,5kg | 5 kg | 7,5kg | 10kg | 12,5 kg

Individuals who use JB Personal Coaching receive a package with their own training equipment. This allows every athlete to exercise at home. As a result, the athlete learns to exercise more autonomously. Also, the athlete wins (travel) time. Independency and time gain in general provides a more productive and structured life.

Bench + Dumbells 2,5kg | 2,5kg | 5 kg | 7,5kg | 10kg | 12,5 kg

The lifestyle coaches use monitoring. This ensures an intensive, but also a sustainable relationship between athlete and lifestyle coaches. By using a tracker, both sleep and training are monitored. This tracker is included in your home package. The combination of data analyzes and input of the athlete ensures optimal guidance for creating a healthy lifestyle with a structured daily life.

Once a week there is a live personal training, where the lifestyle coach gives you training through the accompanying app. The other days the focus is on autonomy. These days, the athlete has a personalized program with an explanation of the exercises. Athletes can ask questions at all time, so the 1 on 1 guidance is guaranteed. There is also a consult once a week with the lifestyle coach, where we look together at what can be improved in the next week. Small steps together create a huge step to the person who we want to be. The accompanying app is also the way of communication between athlete and experts. The experts who support this program are a physical coach, nutrition coach, doctors, lifestyle coach and physiotherapists.

The interaction between nutrition coaches and athletes is an intensive process with a weekly consult. The nutrition coach will first do a good baseline measurement with the athlete. A nutrition plan is made based on the athlete’s goal and activity level. The weekly consultations are to ensure the application of the nutrition schedule in daily life, but can also serve the athlete to ask questions.

‘You never fail until you stop trying’

Jimmy is one of the athletes I treated during his rehabilitation. We started a collaboration over the years where we (Intercure) support JB Personal Coaching. Over the past 32 years i have had experience with rehabilitation of many athletes and top athletes in the fields of football (Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord, AZ, Vitesse), tennis (KNLTB), hockey (main division), volleyball (Eredivisie), basketball, handball, karate, MMA, grapling, dance ballet, latin american, rowing, athletics, swimming, skating. i also treat many artists from the musical world and many entrepreneurs.

We (Intecure) use the treatment and rehabilitation methods as applied internationally. Together with a whole team of specialists, including Hans van Elst (manual doctor) and Natasja Kouffeld (Master of Science Pediatric Physiotherapist), we provide the right knowledge and experience for optimal guidance of patients.

Intercure is responsible for physiotherapy and (sports) rehabilitation for athletes from JB Personal Coaching.
By not longer denying the problem, we can tackle this problem together. Together we look for a healthy balance in sleep, sports, nutrition and mindset. But how are we going to do this? We will do this together with a lot of experts! Click here for our experts
* = Nationale Enquête Arbeidsomstandigheden
** = Zelfstandigen Enquête Arbeid 
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