Most of the people think about physical health when they think about their health in general. However, mental health is maybe more important. You have to feel good from the inside, but how is that possible? We want to help you ton find your solution! Online coaching can be the solution feeling good!
Sounds nice, but what is your method?
  • We are sending each week tips about how you can get the control of your mental health
  • We give you some exercises which give you opportunities for setting things in a good perspective
  • We are available for questions within 24 hours
  • We can organize online live sessions for more exclusive and personalization*s
In our opinion we think that your physical health starts with your sleep. Sleep is 1/3 part of your life, but a lot of people forget this part when they want to give more value to their healthy lifestyle. Sleep takes care about the processes of your brain, your daily energy, your emotions, a good working hormone of getting hungry and longe way of living. 360 HEALTHSHARE will learn you about the things you can do for a better sleep. Maybe it doesn’t look like a skill, but in this case; nothing is what it looks like.
How are we gonna do this?
  • We will make a tailor made sleep plan
  • We will give you tips for a better night sleep
  • We will check how it goes with practicing the sleep plan and how you can adapt it to your own lifestyle.
A good feeling starts from the inside. A big influence is your food. The choice about what you eat is related to your feeling. Nutrition is the fuel of your body, without fuel your body can not move for 100%. Because of this, it’s important to get all the nutrients. The common mistake is that people eat less if they want to lose some fat. We look to your current diet and will help you to get a better one.
How do we want to help you?
  • We will give you a tailor made nutrition plan
  • We will give some good tips to add better behavior to your healthy lifestyle
  • We will help you to win the mental battle
Sport gives us energy! Huh, what? Yes, it does! We know that you are tired after a workout, but if we look to the long term then it will give you energy. When you move, your condition and muscles improves. There are a lot of different ways to move. There is no time for excuses. You will see that sport can be part of your daily lifestyle.
What is our method?
  • We will give you a personalized trainingsprogram based on your goals
  • We will give you free training equipment
  • You can train where and whenever you want
  • Just follow the workouts, you don’t have to think anymore
  • A safe way of training