Jimmy Buitenhuis
Lifestyle coach
Coordinator lifestyle coaches
Founder of JB Personal Coaching
Merel van den Broecke
Nutrition coach
Coordinator nutrition coaches
JB Personal Coaching
Rico Buitenhuis
Data analyst
Coordinator lifestyle coaches
JB Personal Coaching
Marisa Beliën
Nutrition coach
Coordinator nutrition coaches
JB Personal Coaching
Tessel Jonkers
Content creator
Social media
JB Personal Coaching
Lex Bosboom
Sports Rehabilitation
JB Personal Coaching

‘Every body is an athlete’

JB Personal Coaching is a reflection of my perspective on society. I have experience with training professional athletes for long term. This requires a certain mindset because the high performance sports culture demands it. It feels natural to me to prioritize my mindset and body.

When i look at society i see that not everybody prioritize their health. They experience problems with their sleeping pattern, activity level and nutrition. This has led me to the mission to see and treat every individual as an athlete. We try to help every individual with a healthier lifestyle in sleep, sports and nutrition by offering the right know-how, applying structure and changing their behaviour.

‘When I wake up, I am reborn’

I used to be confronted with the phenomenon of ‘sleep’ through the experience of confused sleep dreams with accompanying sleepwalks. I also became aware that sleep is super important when I started to delve into parts of the society. Especially in the construction industry I was confronted with sleep deprivation. Early shifts affected people’s mood and energy level. when my brother started with JB personal coaching I started to study sleep and I found the connection through my own experiences.

At JB personal coaching I am mainly concerned with data analysis and sleep regulation.

‘Eat to feel happy’

Many people wonder: How do I get and stay in shape? I didn’t know the answer to this question for a long time. I trained 4/5 times in the gym and played field hockey 3 times a week, still i didn’t get the desired result. My weight fluctuated through the years, from being overweight to being underweight, all resulting in a low energy level.

In short, I did not feel comfortable in my own body. By immersing myself in nutrition, I found out what the energy takers and the energy givers are. This made me feel happier and more confident. I apply my experience and knowledge during the guidance of athletes on the way to their goal.

As a nutrition coach at JB Personal Coaching, I am responsible for nutritional guidance for athletes at JB Personal Coaching.

‘Food for energy’

Everyone knows what food is, but does everyone know what it means? I see, hear and read different things. There are many different stories about nutrition and many of them are wrong. This is such a shame, because nourishing your body is such a beautiful process! Because of all the incorrect information around me, I was motivated to delve into this profession. Being a nutrition coach is a profession which needs the right knowledge, experience and skills. Together with the athletes, I look for the right balance between a healthy lifestyle and daily life. How do I optimally nourish my body? How do I apply this in daily life? Together we will look for your answer!

As a nutrition coach I am responsible for the right know-how and the right guidance for athletes to achieve their goals.

‘You never fail until you stop trying’

Jimmy is one of the athletes I treated during his rehabilitation. We started a collaboration over the years where we (Intercure) support JB Personal Coaching. Over the past 32 years i have had experience with rehabilitation of many athletes and top athletes in the fields of football (Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord, AZ, Vitesse), tennis (KNLTB), hockey (main division), volleyball (Eredivisie), basketball, handball, karate, MMA, grapling, dance ballet, latin american, rowing, athletics, swimming, skating. i also treat many artists from the musical world and many entrepreneurs.

We (Intecure) use the treatment and rehabilitation methods as applied internationally. Together with a whole team of specialists, including Hans van Elst (manual doctor) and Natasja Kouffeld (Master of Science Pediatric Physiotherapist), we provide the right knowledge and experience for optimal guidance of patients.

Intercure is responsible for physiotherapy and (sports) rehabilitation for athletes from JB Personal Coaching.

‘It’s worth a try’

Ever since I was a child, I have been interested in images and storytelling. When I started studying Film and Photography at the Grafic Lyceum in Rotterdam, I noticed that my passion for the profession increased. Capturing the world around you creates new experiences and beautiful moments. Film and photography gives you the freedom to create your own story around the image, which can lead to many different stories.

As a content creator the value of film and photography is very concrete, supporting a lifestyle for athletes. At JB Personal Coaching I am responsible for the content of social media, lifestyle program and website.
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