Initial Session

One x 1 hr coaching/discovery session
(£175 central London office on special request)
£120 phone or skype or Elstree office

This is your time to share your story and to start laying out your goals.  We will identify important areas for growth and make a start on them immediately!

“In just the first meeting Jo gave me the motivation I needed to make some big changes”.

Package A

Six x 1-hour sessions over three months

(£1050 Central London office on special request)
£720 phone, skype or Elstree office.

This package will give you a solid self-discovery and a chance to highlight and work on several areas of your life.  There is always room for continued growth and more sessions can be added.  I use my knowledge, training and expertise to give you new skills and insights that will shift you forward in all areas of life.

Jo is a skilled coach and has given me a wealth of knowledge that has helped me enormously in all areas of my life.”  “I have also had excellent results recommending her to close friends and family.

Package B

Eight x 1hr sessions over six months

(£1400 Central London office on special request)
£960 phone, skype or Elstree office

Give yourself the opportunity to learn and grow, giving you a head start in your communication and energy for yourself, loved ones and work life too!

“Working with Jo was a joy, she is extremely caring, professional and has a lot to give as a coach and as a mentor.”

Package C

Sixteen sessions can be spread over the year!

(£2800 Central London Office on special request)
£1920 phone, skype or Elstree office

Support for a year can be paced out and feel like you are being supported, mentored and challenged for the year!  You can achieve any goal with the right mindset and role model.  Take the opportunity to dare to want more for you in 2017!

‘If you are looking for a push in the right direction and wise words then I highly recommend booking some sessions with Jo Barnett.”  “She has played a huge role in my life and I owe a lot of my success to her sessions.”