I am a Personal Development Coach and can help you

  • Build on your success
  • Mentoring
  • Decision Making
  • Support
  • Gain personal Clarity
  • Self-Development

What’s unique about my life coaching and business coaching is that you get a ‘supercharged performance boost’

I will condense what some coaches would take a year to do into three or four months, as my intuition and personal connection is very instant and I use it when I am working with you to get right down to the nitty gritty.

As a professional co-active coach I have spent the past decade working with thousands of people in their personal and work lives to get the best out of themselves and to attain higher fulfilment.  I have been on TV, Radio and in newspapers talking about my views and guidance around relationships and relationship coaching.  Now it is time for me to keep moving forward with my own personal development and transfer these skills into corporate business coaching and carry on helping individuals attain their best.

I am passionate about seeing the best in people and coaching you to bring out your best skills and development so that you become who you were meant to be.

I work with individuals, companies, professionals, people who want more fulfilment and success on a one to one coaching basis.

I have a track record of nearly 10 years working as a life and relationship coach, successfully getting the best out of people and achieving their goals.

I’m a certified coach and an NLP practitioner with a passion for developing people.

Part of the work I have done with one particular client, who is a Director of her business, we started working on her personal journey and relationships, and we are now coaching on business management skills and the direction that she wants to take her career.  We are also discussing me coming in once a month to coach the team.

If you need to find a coach for all of your development and coaching needs look no further.